DemandWave is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO results for a variety of B2B clients, ranging from e-commerce to cloud computing. I've been ghostwriting freelance content for them since 2015. Here are some examples. 

Payment Processing Company:

Healthcare Services:

Cloud Computing Services:

Cloud Security Services:



From 2012 through 2014, I handled communications for a streaming music app, DeliRadio (now called Magnifi) which plays songs from bands with upcoming gigs near you. 

E &J Gallo Winery

From 2014-2015, I wrote and produced daily social media posts, blogs, and campaign emails for various brands under E&J Gallo— the world’s largest winery. During that process, I worked with a digital strategy team to conceptualize and execute content using various brand voices targeted at a broad consumer base. 

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